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Since 1978, Concours Carís expert team of mechanics has provided the most trusted and respected auto repair and maintenance services for European cars. Our expert teamís 150 years of combined experience ensures that we know your vehicle inside and out. We understand what it needs to make your European vehicle run at top performance.

When European car owners in Colorado bring their vehicles to Concours Carsí fine European auto shop for service and repairs, they are confident that our experts will trouble-shoot the problem and fix it correctly the first time.


  • Maintenance and repair
  • Modern car modifications and tuning
  • Pre-purchase inspections for modern or classic European cars
  • Race car preparations
  • Classic restorations
  • Modern and classic vehicle brokering

MG - Unique Concours Cars Experience

  • Nation-wide 2-year/ 24,000-mile warranty on all our work at no additional charge
  • Master certified technicians with extensive experience servicing and repairing your type of vehicle
  • Detailed invoice fully explains service, repairs and costs; identifies any additional problems that may need attention now or later
  • Unique Oil Service. We donít just change your oil. We carefully examine your vehicle for potential problems and worn parts that need to be replaced or repaired and list them in a detailed estimate.
  • We find parts for your vehicle that nobody else can find.
  • Our master fabricators make parts that canít be found period.
  • Regular service reminders by email or snail mail help you take great care of your automobile.
  • Indoor Storage of your Vehicle. We never leave it outside.
  • Free Car Wash. You wonít find greasy fingerprints on your car at Concours Cars. Our free car wash comes with all maintenance and repair services.

A "Green Business" specializing in MG Since 1978

  • We recycle everything Ė used oil, lubricants, anti-freeze, oil filters, refrigerants, scrap metals, paper and tires
  • Cleaner air with spider plants. The hanging plants in our shop are not just here for decoration. Spider plants perform the important task of naturally absorbing carbon monoxide from the air.
  • Environmentally-friendly synthetic automotive products. Airplanes and high-performance race cars have used them for decades, and weíve provided them to our customers since 1982.
    • Help the environment by not using petroleum-based lubricants in your vehicle.
    • Save money with longer-lasting synthetic oil.
    • Most European manufacturers require synthetic oil


"I wanted something I could drive everyday and still beat the Corvettes, you built it"
Les Louzon, owner of the supercharged fuel injected MGB

We specialize in:

Alfa Romeo Service and Repair
Audi Service and Repair
Austin Healey Service and Repair
Bentley Service and Repair
BMW Service and Repair
Ferrari Service and Repair
Jaguar Service and Repair
Lamborghini Service and Repair
Land Rover Service and Repair
Lotus Service and Repair
Maserati Service and Repair
Mercedes Benz Service and Repair
MG Service and Repair
Mini Cooper Service and Repair
Range Rover Service and Repair
Rolls Royce Service and Repair
Triumph Service and Repair
Volkswagen Service and Repair
Volvo Service and Repair
Audi Service and Repair